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ldapsearch and base64 encoding November 3, 2009

Posted by lurchi in Computer.

ldapsearch is a very nice tool, but there is one small problem — if an attributes value contains any special characters (anything outside the range of printable ASCII characters), the value is base64 encoded.

so for
ldapsearch -x -h abook.rwth-aachen.de -LLL -b o=abook sn='brüns' cn
the results are:
dn: uid=Stefan.Bruens@rwth-aachen.de, ou=datenbank, o=abook
cn:: U3RlZmFuIEJyw7xucw==

the following snippet helps:
alias un64='awk '\''BEGIN{FS=":: ";c="base64 -d"}{if(/\w+:: /) {print $2 |& c; close(c,"to"); c |& getline $2; close(c); printf("%s:: \"%s\"\n", $1, $2); next} print $0 }'\'''

ldapsearch -x -h abook.rwth-aachen.de -LLL -b o=abook sn='brüns' cn | un64
dn: uid=Stefan.Bruens@rwth-aachen.de, ou=datenbank, o=abook
cn:: "Stefan Brüns"

Warning: Of course this works for attributes with printable characters only. LDAP can contain binary data, e.g. images of the user in JPEG format.


1. lusonix - Oktober 21, 2010

This is cool and works if the encoded base64 is on one line only.

If there’s multiple lines it does not work!

Mutilple lines apper like this:


(the 2nd and 3rd lines start with a space, which has to be removed on result)

Hope you can enhance your script to support multiple lines.

The reson upon which the 72 chars limit exists, if I recall correctly is related to MIME and/or mail protocols.


2. jbretschneider - Dezember 25, 2013

Many thanks! That’s the one-liner I was looking for.:)

3. Jakub Jindra (@jakub_jindra) - April 22, 2015

You can pass an option „-o ldif-wrap=no“ to ldapsearch to prevent line wrapping.

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