ESP8266 PWM revisited (and reimplemented)

The ESP8266 lacks any hardware support for PWM. Any ATtiny, PIC or any ARM Cortex M0 based SoC fares better in this regard, although the smallest SoCs may have only one or two channels. As an alternative to hardware PWM it is possible to do PWM purely in software, typically assisted by interrupts from a… ESP8266 PWM revisited (and reimplemented) weiterlesen

Get some rest or making KDE more power efficient

This article is about saving the world. At least, give our small green planet a chance to last until it is eaten by this red dwarf called sun. Motivated by an article and my recent purchase of a new laptop, I went looking for some reasons for the mismatch in power usage of KDE vs… Get some rest or making KDE more power efficient weiterlesen

ldapsearch and base64 encoding

ldapsearch is a very nice tool, but there is one small problem — if an attributes value contains any special characters (anything outside the range of printable ASCII characters), the value is base64 encoded. so for ldapsearch -x -h -LLL -b o=abook sn=’brüns‘ cn the results are: dn:, ou=datenbank, o=abook cn:: U3RlZmFuIEJyw7xucw== the… ldapsearch and base64 encoding weiterlesen